Verbal Branding…What You Say Matters. How You Say It Matters Even More.

We are bombarded with messages all day.

So many companies declare their products are the best, a practical miracle from above. Most of us claim we have many years of experience, offer the best customer service and save clients time and money. The only thing we don’t claim, is that we’ll solve world peace. With all these generic messages coming at you, how do you distinguish one from the next? How do you avoid getting caught up in the hype?

Our first priority is what I call thought interruption.

We all have preconceived ideas of an industry or profession that dates back many years. These perceptions are based on experiences both good and bad as well as industry reputation. Our job is to interrupt what we automatically think by saying something unusual with an emotional hook. We must wake people up.

Can you shift what people think about your industry—or you? Yes, you can. Verbal branding means using specific language to define the personality of a company (or person). The right words matter because they communicate the value (or not) of a business. When people see value, they buy.

For example, I will never introduce myself as a business coach. There are so many unclear ideas of what that can be. Many people lump that in with “life coaching” which often has a weak non favorable concept. People are not left with a sense of the issues I tackle.

Here’s an example of the work I do.

“When it comes to business, sales is the most important skill, or you may not be here next year. When presenting to clients, I ask Are you story telling or boring telling? Do you tell a compelling story that demonstrates your expertise, or do you bore everyone with overwhelming facts? The answer to this question will let me know the status of your sales funnel. Crafting phenomenal stories for business growth, is where I do my best work.”

In this case, people get a sense I work with the sale process  and craft company stories that attract potential clients. This is verbal branding in action. How do you shift what people think about your industry?

What is needed to break free of the status quo?

Being willing to do something different and say something different takes bravery. We are so accustomed to seeking approval from our peers, that going out on a limb is frightening. Who wants to be ridiculed and made to feel like an idiot? Often this shows up as sarcasm, possible insults or a dare. Change is difficult. The people who fear change the most, will be the first to put us down.

When you rewrite the automatic script the public has about your industry or service, you regain control and confidence This can open up curiosity and ultimately bring you respect, status and more business.

Verbal branding is the gateway for impact and influence.

If you would like to see how verbal branding can make a difference in your sales or marketing, call me at 917-842-0283 and let’s have a conversation.