About Rochelle

Rochelle-Lisner - Picture of Owner for About Page

She Doesn’t Just Teach the Principles of Implementation, She Built Her Trusted and Well-Respected Company on Them.

Rochelle’s mission is and has always been to energize, inspire and educate business owners to achieve productivity, profit and peace. Since 2007, she has helped corporations and entrepreneurs resolve their sales, internal communications and business growth headaches.

She’s been dubbed “a teaching, training, and motivating dynamo.” Her quick wit not only inspires, motivates and educates, but also entertains her clients. She infuses her innovative sales training and interactive programs with the wisdom borne out of dealing with diverse industries, crisis management, multicultural clients and demanding customers.

22 Years of success in the challenging world of corporate travel has given Rochelle a unique and incredibly practical perspective on sales processes and on the most effective way to deal with difficult clients.

Rochelle recognizes the fastest way to grow a business is through creating a motivating work environment and workforce, scaling key talent, effective sales and corporate systems. She develops distinctive approaches, which concentrate on the internal as well as the external aspects of the business and sales process.

In doing so, she concentrates on each staff members’ individual style, talents, and strengths, resulting in increased confidence, focus and profits for the company!

There’s no doubt that you and your company will benefit from her overall approach to business.

Results achieved through Rochelle’s techniques include:

►Recognizing which systems are working

►Pinpointing where systems may be lacking

►Determining, prioritizing and implementing key projects

►Challenging a company’s comfort zone – while simultaneously increasing enthusiasm, energy, and employee cooperation — is among her strong suits

►Creating a stronger and more efficient work environment

►Building a cohesive and confident workforce

►Achieving higher employee retention

►Identifying the attitudes and employees that stand in the way of growth and innovation

As a bonus, on behalf of many of her clients, Rochelle facilitates relationships between them and members of her extensive, coveted contacts and connections resulting in some of the most robust and profitable collaborations.

In her off hours, you can find Rochelle out and about with her loyal pooches by her side, a love that explains her active membership in animal rights groups, including the ASPCA.

And, no stranger to globetrotting, Rochelle has traveled extensively and has lived overseas.  Though a fan of many destinations abroad, her preferred hotspots are Greece, Thailand and Italy.